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Tyre Building Machine for Bicycle and Rickshaw :

Tyre building machine for cycle tyre 28”x1.1/2” Complete with back stand with gear box & motor with drum auto expansion and collapsing device  dully hard chrome with electric panel with P.L.C ( program logic control ) complete.

Tyre Building Machine Specification :

  1. Tyre building size : Bicycle tyre size 26×1.3/8 to 28×1. 1/2  .

Machine equipped (enclosed annexure-ii for detail ) for the building drum.

  1. Building Tyre Ply nylon cord turn up overlap building machine .
  2. Shaft height 900mm from centre of shaft to floor .
  3. Main motor & gear box  3H.P 280 out put remimake.
  4. Nylon cord servicer ½ HP , 1440 RPM 3phase 50Hz. (coupled  with worm reducer).       1.1 ratio.
  5. Tread servicer ½ HP, 1440 RPM  (coupled with worm reducer.)1.10 ratio.
  6. Width of nylon cord Maximum up to   220mm .
  7. Dia of cord roll Maximum    500mm.
  8. Width of liner cloth Maximum   260mm.
  9. Dia of liner cloth roll Maximum 650 mm.
  10. Width of thread Maximum 160 mm.
  11. Dia of thread roll Maximum 500 mm.
  12. Shaft for nylon cord roll 32  sq mm.
  13. Shaft for tread rear 32 sq mm.

Main Structure : 

Building Drum : 

  1. It is designed with two stages i.e. Auto Expansion & collapsing Device. The dimension of expansion and collapsing is adjustable in the design range of maximum and minimum to suit the dimension of the bead wire.
  2. Building drum is adjustable in the design range to fit different tyre width.
  3. Drum fitted with rubber belt for drum expansion and collapsing.
  4. Bead wire setting in groove with automatic magnet attachment (Reverse, forward and hold).
  5. Left and Right side Nylon cord turn up is made with rollers and spring to penetrate each finger and roller. The finger set is such that turn up of Nylon cord should be smoothly and should make 20-40mm overlap in the center position of the drum.

6.         If, building width is changed, the finger set can be adjusted synchronously by a screw nut to suit the building width.